Star Wars Battlefront is the lowest-rated in the series so far

The new Star Wars Battlefront is out today and has been receiving mixed reviews. In fact, out of the three games in the long-running series, the new game is the lowest rated of the lot, according to an average of critic’s scores.

Back in 2004 (gosh, I feel old), the original Star Wars Battlefront was released to critical acclaim, earning itself an average review score of 82 on review-aggregating site Metacritic in the process. The following year, Star Wars Battlefront II continued the trend with an average score of 84 and remains the most fondly remembered entry in the franchise by many.

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Ten years later, it disappoints me to break the news that the 2015 version of Star Wars Battlefront has received an average rating of 73 on Xbox One, putting it on par with the Xbox 360 game Star Wars The Force Unleashed.

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What do you think might be the reason behind the new game’s apparent lack of success in comparison to its predecessors? Many reviewers have outlined that, despite being a thrilling Star Wars homage for about ten hours, the novelty begins to wear off as time goes on. Let us know how much time you’ve spent with the game and how you’re feeling about it. Does it deserve to pick up such mixed review scores?



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