Rainbow Six Siege won’t be supportive of eSports from launch

With many a multiplayer game heading in the direction of eSports – Call of Duty Black Ops III being the most recent example of a game that was built primarily with eSports in mind rather than as an afterthought – it seems strange that a largely multiplayer-focused game such as Rainbow Six Siege would not be so enthused regarding the spectator sport.

But that’s the situation according to Chris Hendry, Senior Environment Artist at Ubisoft Montreal. Recently speaking to OXM, Hendry pointed out that…

“We have the Spectator Cam, so we’re definitely providing the tools to fit that kind of direction. As for eSports in general, that’s not going to be up to us. We have to wait, see how the game settles, what people want. We’re definitely going to see people making their own tournaments first, and we’ll go off that once we get there.”

Seeing what players want to do with the game certainly seems like a less risky strategy on Ubisoft’s behalf, but would players be more encouraged to play Rainbow Six Siege as an eSport if the tools were already in place ala Black Ops III? As always, voice your opinion in the comments section below.


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