If there’s one clear distinction that makes Toids unique, it’s that it’s just that. Everything you find; everything you see here, is all one hundred percent original.

We don’t believe in recycling news from other, bigger, video game news outlets. Sure, we could change a few words here and there, but there’s only so many times you can read the marginally different news piece without going insane. Hence, we scrapped that idea completely.

Any news you find here on Toids is brought to you before anyone else on the web, guaranteed. If we can’t get it first, we won’t deliver it at all, because we know that you can find it elsewhere in a hundred other places. So that’s what makes us unique.

Importantly, we also love to feature well thought out and researched editorial, so if you’re looking for interesting and thought-provoking debate on the subjects that are relevant and that matter, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it be opinion pieces, reviews, previews, or any other such article, as long as it’s 100% original and 100% Toids, we’re happy and we hope you are too.


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